The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

440-864-6022 ~ Cleveland, Ohio

Are you ready to look good AND have FUN?? (this includes YOU, Ms. "Soon-to-be-Bride"!!!)

Did I get your attention?

I know, I know, it seems like everyone wants to lose weight/get in shape, OR everyone wants to tell you EXACTLY what to do (and basically screams it at you, right?). Well this is exactly like that... except not really. This isn't boot camp, no crazy buff guy on TV, heck this isn't even the ultra intimidating and sweaty "crossfit box", but what this is, is all about YOU! And more of a relaxed, but fun way of doing it. If you've gotten this far in reading, obviouly you also want to look good, feel good, (or whatever), or you're just that board in your office chair and what to look like your working. Either way, I'm glad you're here! Now we can be a little less board together! 


So if you're getting married soon (grooms included), getting that summer body ready, or just want to adult a little better and feel good about it, hopefully this will be an easy way to help you! But also, hopefully we all understand that we are in this together. So in that sense, PLEASE don't be afraid to share this page or anything you read here! I don't have copyrights to any of it, so share away!!!


You're probably wondering "what will a Wedding DJ be able to tell me about fitness?"... Well, like I said, I just want to help you in one way or another. I am no guru on any subject by any means. This, for me, was an idea I had one day while working out myself. You see, I may work out a few times a week and run a few miles, but I'm not 100% fat free, I don't have any certifications or anything, but I do like to have fun, I'm a real person, and I wanted to help others see that they can be real also! So sharing what I've learned, things that have helped me, and keeping it fun at the same time seemed to be the simple idea.


Now that we've gotten those awkward "hello, why are you here" conversations out of the way... Coming up, I will be blogging (hopefully once or twice a week) with ideas on what you can do for a better you, tips for a simple workout, healthy meal options, and of course (as a DJ, this one should be no surprise) music to dance your butts off to! I'm always open to ideas and suggestions, so I look forward to the open discussion this may bring as well!


One thing I've always reminded myself and others when it comes to fitness, health and life in general, is that everyone is an individual and has their own pace. So personally, I look forward to helping you, and you helping me, because just like with my business (Just Dreaming Entertainment), success and results don't come overnight. Just don't forget to keep it FUN and the party won't stop!

You Scream, I Scream, We ALL Scream for FREE ICE CREAM!!!

Today (March 16th, 2015), Dairy Queen is celebrating their 75th Anniversary and with it they are giving away what made them famous, a soft-serve cone! With a summer birthday, I always asked for a DQ ice cream cake, so it wasn't just after little league games that I was lucky enough to enjoy some of their amazing soft serve!


Normally, I try to keep things business related - no matter if it's weddings, private events, school dances, or simply music, but we could all use a break (Especially if you are PLANNING A WEDDING!) and a tasty treat! So today, drop what you are doing, and run on over to DQ to grab a cone! Obviously this is one per customer (don't get greedy!), so make sure to bring the family!


I will relate it to this business with the fact that they have been in business for 75 years... Which is a long time to serve ice cream! Any business owner would be elated to stick around for 25 or 50 years, but 75 is AMAZING in my opinion! When I started Just Dreaming Entertainment, I was extremely excited (and nervous!), but as every business that starts knows, there is a good chance they may not make it. You try not to think of it, and you do everything you can not to let that happen, but it's always a thought that crosses your mind when things are tough. I am extremely happy that almost four years later I'm not only still hanging around, but I'm growing! For that I thank my supporters, family, friends (especially the ones I've made through this business), and all the great clients I've had the honor of serving! I'd hope to be in business that long to offer a FREE dance party! (with DQ ice cream? YES!)


We'd love to serve you next! Give us a call (440-864-6022) if you are looking for a Cleveland Wedding DJ, School Dance DJ, lighting, or if you'd just like to go to DQ with us for ice cream! Enjoy those cones!

Recap: Steven & Lindsey | February 7th, 2015

For the first wedding of the year, this was a real PARTY! Normally early season weddings (especially when there is still snow outside with freezing temps) can be harder since a lot of folks will head home early or not come at all so they don't have to deal with the elements... but not in this case! Tons of great people having tons of fun til the end of the night! 

Steven & Lindsey's Song Choices:

Grand Entrance: Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" & Rihanna "We Found Love"

First Dance: Adele "Make You Feel My Love"

Cutting of the Cake: Train "Marry Me"

Last song of the night: Michael Buble "Save the Last Dance for Me"

    We had a blast with Steven, Lindsey, their families and guests! One of the songs that got everyone up, that we don't get to play as often, was "C'mon N Ride it (The Train)" by the Quad City DJ's, a great 90's song that gets lost in the shuffle sometimes, but a lot of fun for sure! 

    This was also our first event with our "Reception Photography Package" and it turned out great! More details to follow about all of our Photography services! (all rights to the photos on this post belong to Just Dreaming Entertainment)


Reception Location: Executive Caterer's at Landerhaven | Wedding DJ & Lighting: Just Dreaming Entertainment | Wedding Day Photographer: Pat Shaffer Photogarphy | Wedding Reception Candid Photography: Just Dreaming Entertainment | Cremony Location: St. Michael's - Independence


To reserve your date, call us today! 440-864-6022 for your Cleveland Wedding DJ & Lighting needs! And NOW Reception Photography as well!

Yes, go ahead and talk about us!

    Just Dreaming Entertainment got its official start in 2011, and since then we have had the honor of working with some awesome people! As much as we'd love to be a GIANT company and make tons of money, we know that's not what it's all about to be considered successful. Truth is, we like being a small business so that we can give each event and each person we work with the attention they need, plus it keeps us humble. We like doing our job the best we can so we can give you the best. That's one thing as we grow that we'll never stray from. 


    Each year, Just Dreaming has grown in the amount of events we have done. Of course, this is exciting and great to us as we do want to continue to grow (and not stay AS small of a business) so that we can serve more and better. In this business we don't get many repeat clients, so passing our name along to ANYONE looking for a wedding DJ means a lot to us! It means so much to us that we'd even give you a credit (of $75) towards your contract if you're a current client of ours. The best part is, it's easy to do!!! It does not matter who it is, as long as they say that YOU referred them, then once they sign a contract, YOU EARN $75 OFF! But guess what? We make it REALLY EASY for you by letting you tell them that they get $75 off, because they were referred to us by you. You don't even have to tell them that you are saving anything yourself! 


    If I am not mistaken, the most referrals one client got was three. And they all came in a different way! First was her friend who just got engaged, an easy target obviously. Second, her mother posted on facebook that "anyone looking for a professional and fun Cleveland Wedding DJ should call Just Dreaming Entertainment. Tell them you know _________ and you'll get $75 off right away!" A friend of a family had a neighbor who just so happened to be looking, and the second $75 referral credit was on the way. Then I got a call from the client, who asked specifically, "does it matter who it is that I refer to get a referral credit?" Well my answer, simply "No." So after that conversation, the hard-working and thoughtful client went to a wedding website and posted on a message board about us. Within a week or so she had the third referral credit. All done easily. Each of those referrals that signed with us also saved $75. Total the original client saved was a cool $225. I can't tell you exactlly how she spent that money she saved, but I'm sure the honeymoon was a little extra special! 


    We are seriously thankful for each person we get to work with and for helping us grow to this point, but we'd like to continue to grow! So, by all means, shout it from the roof tops, post it to all your social medias (even MySpace?), whatever you do, just make sure to tell them you referred them to Just Dreaming Entertainment! There have even been times where we have offered past clients and/or freinds the opportunity to earn gift cards or even cash! Just keep your eyes out (normally we post something like that to our facebook page... and you might earn some too!

  When you refer us as a Wedding DJ (or for any event really!), make sure they have our number, 440-864-6022!

...Can you beat three referrals???   

Music, music & MORE MUSIC!

   Here's another thing we do in this business during "slow" times (as well as "not-so-slow" times)... MUSIC!  Keeping up with music, new and old, is a full-time job in itself. So when it snows (que the Boyz II Men "Let it snow"...) in Cleveland, Ohio, it is the perfect time to go through an entire hard-drive full of songs, organize, then find enough music to fill another hard drive or two... and repeat. 


   Obviously one of the first things you think about when you think of a DJ is the music. Of course, without music there is no DJ. Each DJ has a different style, how they play the music, and how they play to the crowd in attendance, but the music all starts as the same (from the artist) and comes out of our speakers. Regardless of what type of DJ you see (there are MANY different kinds! A club DJ is not the same as a Wedding DJ ...but we'll discuss that later), they all have to keep up with music to stay relevent, fresh and knowledgeable of what we are doing. Of course our love for music is normally one of the main reasons we got into the profession of playing music, so it should be easy to want and NEED to continue finding ALL sorts of new sounds that can be used, no matter if it's the newest hit on the radio or if it's a B-side track from 1968.


   "So how much music do you have?" is a question I hear quite frequently. My answer... A LOT!!! It's incredibly hard to give a specific answer of how many songs since it is an ongoing process of keeping up with music. So however much music fits on three 2-Terabyte hard-drives, that's how much I have. If that's not enough to cover the average wedding, then I can always find whatever you request! (It is part of this job, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!) 


   Music is a big part of what we do, but it's not all that we do! Helping plan, organize, orchestrate and guide a reception (THE PARTY) is also what a real Wedding DJ does! And that's what Just Dreaming Entertainment does. So if you want the right music, why wait to call us??? 440-864-6022 to reserve your date!

The Reviews Are In!

  If you've looked around for a Wedding DJ (or most wedding vendors), then I'm sure you have seen a review or two (or 200). These can be a great tool to help you on your search for the perfect vendor to fit what you are looking for... but DO NOT rely on the number of stars alone! Take some time and read what past clients have written (yes, it's part of that "doing your homework" part). This written part can give you insight into the rating that was given, how attentive they were, how well they worked together, their style, and many, many details that a star rating cannot. Take these, judge these, make your own notes, and use them to help you narrow down your selection. 
  Now, some may question the legitimacy of these reviews (if all 400 5-star reviews are actually real), as you should since that is your job. On the top wedding sites it is somewhat difficult to "fake" a review as they tend to weed out the illegitimate reviews. I'm not saying they don't happen, but the top wedding sites have plenty of reason to keep things legit. I might suggest discussing specific weddings/clients that you have seen reviews from, the actual review itself, quotes from them, and/or how they go about getting these reviews. It's just another part of "doing your homework" that seems like a hassle... but beleive me, you'll thank yourself later for it! Personally, I'd rather a couple asks me questions about the reviews I've gotten and the events that I've done. Not only does it show they are being cautious about who they hire and they want the best fit, but that they want to know someone cares just as much as they do about their wedding. 
  To the small business (such as Just Dreaming Entertainment), reviews can mean A LOT! To us, not only do we feel the love from our clients, but it's like getting paid twice! Seeing a couple's real thoughts that they took the time to write and don't mind sharing with future prospective clients, means so much to us and hearing that you had a great time on a once in a lifetime event is really one of the main reasons we do this. 
  So remember, when you are looking to hire a Cleveland Wedding DJ (or any Wedding Professional), do check out their reviews and use them as a tool to help you in your decision. It is one you'll find to be very important, but also remember to have fun in your search! (that is what the reception is for, right?!?)
To see all of the reviews for Just Dreaming Entertainment you can find them on our website ( or on our WeddingWire profile ( Call today (440-864-6022) to reserve your date!

The Wedding Off-season...

  When a wedding DJ who works most every weekend through the busy season, an "Off-season" can be a blessing, but also can be incredibly stressful.


  This is the time between busy seasons, normally the months between November and March, that can sometimes be a nice change of pace to relax... right??? Actually it can be very hectic with bridal shows, meetings and bookings for the next season/year, but sometimes can drag... Any event or wedding during this time can be seen as GOLDEN since the cash flow can be slow, but also can help break up the weeks of not doing events. These events are normally either "Boom or Bust"... and can really depend on the weather. I hate that about this part of where we live, but I'd rather everyone stay safe and enjoy our next event instead of risking it! When an event isn't as great because of the weather, it's really a horribly helpless feeling. This is one thing to keep in mind when planning a non-holiday themed event (like a wedding) here in Northeast Ohio. 

  There are days that are incredibly long waiting for phone calls or emails from prospective clients and not filled with much sunlight, so it can really play mind games with you. Then when bookings happen, it's like you feel like having a party right then! Yes, in this business one event can mean so much when it's booked, that's why we take them all seriously and love each one of our clients! Those days spent waiting or without much else going on can be filled with endless ideas on how to advertise, numerous google searches on successful marketing campaigns and then... STRESS! Trying to comprehend everything, trying to continue to market for success, trying to grow and then when the phone or email is silent... It really can add up when you feel like nothing is working. Then the next day when you book two events, everything is GREAT! 

  Then there is the bridal shows... As fun as it is to meet many newly engaged prospective clients, it can be hard when you front hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars without a garuntee in signing a single one. I'll write more about these later, but right now I'll just say those are a different entity on their own.

This is just a breif glimpse to the wonders of the "Off-season"! 


If you'd like to help wake me up from my "off-season" we still have a few dates available for 2015! Call us (440-864-6022) to book your Cleveland Wedding DJ!


"I'm sure you've seen it all!"

  Frequently, when talking about the job I do as a DJ and the experience I have, I hear the questions "Have you done weddings before?  How many weddings have you done? " or something to that effect.  The basic answer is, "Yes, I have done my fair share of weddings throughout the years."  The extended answer, "I have done quite a few, but each one is very different, and I have not had the opportunity to work with you!"

  The differences are as simple as the date in time, the colors of the wedding, or how the bride had her hair done, but after that is when things are as diffrent as night and day from each other wedding.  The different personalities of everyone involved (Not just the Bride & Groom, but the Parents, Bridal Party, Guests, and other vendors) that all come together for that single occasion is as unique as a handful of sand on the beach before the tide washes them away.  Not only the personalities of everyone, but each persons tastes and/or visions of a wedding come in play when they want to add input into how they think the event should go, or even what song to play next.  Even the tempature outside effects how things work, the location I am set up in is unique, and sometimes the equipment I use has a mind of its own, but all in all, it's my job to make everything work out.

  Each wedding day is so different that if I get complacent and not on my toes, something can easily go wrong.  I have had so many different senarios thrown my way, I know each night presents an opportunity for a brand new situation I've never delt with and/or enjoyed.  My job on the day of (yes, I do more work than just on the wedding day) is always an adventure, not one that I can control, but that I try to guide (to the idea and specifications of the Bride & Groom) all while fielding the infinite possibilities along the way.

  So when I get the statement, "Oh, you've done a lot of these before, I'm sure you've seen it all."  I can simply reply with "I've seen quite a bit," or, I can give the slightly more detailed answer such as, "Yes, I've done a lot of weddings, but I've never seen your Uncle George (or anyone) drink as much tequila as he did with a straw, jump off a table and swing from the lights Tarzan-style and knock over your Grandma while she was dancing with your neighbor to Usher's new song!"

Let's try something new!

  As a small business owner I'm always looking on ways to expand and figuring out what will work for me (by trial and error most of the time).  You can see, I am now going to add a blog to that never ending list of things.  I know that blogs have been around for a while, and I'm not a rookie when it comes to the writing of a blog, but the new idea for me is to try to fuse the writing with the business at a different angle.  The hope is to have this be equal parts of insight, advice, current happenings, and a lot of fun mixed together while getting to know a little more about me and what I do, but we'll see how the evolution of this blog goes and what other interesting stuff we (yes we, as in you can help too!) can add.  The simple goal of keeping a blog updated about once a week to every other week, but could be the arch nemesis of keeping things interesting if it becomes a task on the same level as paying the electric bill... You know what I mean, who gets excited for that?  (If you do, sorry if I offended you)

I'll try to keep everything easy to read (by easy I mean fun for the mind, and in english... for the most part) and always professional.  I would like to apeal to as many people as possible, but I can't please everyone.  If you are a past, current, or future client, hopefully you won't mind me asking if you object to a post including you and/or your event.  Don't worry, everything I post will be positive and in a good light, so if your event doesn't go as planned, the police arrive, or even if you become a "bridezilla" for a single moment, I won't put that in this soon to be internationally acclaimed blog.

You (if you are reading this, than yes that's YOU!) are welcome and encouraged to comment (good or bad!) on this blog, share with your friends via e-mail, facebook, on the twitter machine, or even in REAL LIFE (what's that about anyway?).  Should you become board at any time, give it a post or two for me to wake up, or just let me know what you think and I'll kick it into gear just for you.  Hope you enjoy and thanks from Just Dreaming Entertainment!  Stay tuned...

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