The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

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Are you ready to look good AND have FUN?? (this includes YOU, Ms. "Soon-to-be-Bride"!!!)

Did I get your attention?

I know, I know, it seems like everyone wants to lose weight/get in shape, OR everyone wants to tell you EXACTLY what to do (and basically screams it at you, right?). Well this is exactly like that... except not really. This isn't boot camp, no crazy buff guy on TV, heck this isn't even the ultra intimidating and sweaty "crossfit box", but what this is, is all about YOU! And more of a relaxed, but fun way of doing it. If you've gotten this far in reading, obviouly you also want to look good, feel good, (or whatever), or you're just that board in your office chair and what to look like your working. Either way, I'm glad you're here! Now we can be a little less board together! 


So if you're getting married soon (grooms included), getting that summer body ready, or just want to adult a little better and feel good about it, hopefully this will be an easy way to help you! But also, hopefully we all understand that we are in this together. So in that sense, PLEASE don't be afraid to share this page or anything you read here! I don't have copyrights to any of it, so share away!!!


You're probably wondering "what will a Wedding DJ be able to tell me about fitness?"... Well, like I said, I just want to help you in one way or another. I am no guru on any subject by any means. This, for me, was an idea I had one day while working out myself. You see, I may work out a few times a week and run a few miles, but I'm not 100% fat free, I don't have any certifications or anything, but I do like to have fun, I'm a real person, and I wanted to help others see that they can be real also! So sharing what I've learned, things that have helped me, and keeping it fun at the same time seemed to be the simple idea.


Now that we've gotten those awkward "hello, why are you here" conversations out of the way... Coming up, I will be blogging (hopefully once or twice a week) with ideas on what you can do for a better you, tips for a simple workout, healthy meal options, and of course (as a DJ, this one should be no surprise) music to dance your butts off to! I'm always open to ideas and suggestions, so I look forward to the open discussion this may bring as well!


One thing I've always reminded myself and others when it comes to fitness, health and life in general, is that everyone is an individual and has their own pace. So personally, I look forward to helping you, and you helping me, because just like with my business (Just Dreaming Entertainment), success and results don't come overnight. Just don't forget to keep it FUN and the party won't stop!

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