The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

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"I'm sure you've seen it all!"

  Frequently, when talking about the job I do as a DJ and the experience I have, I hear the questions "Have you done weddings before?  How many weddings have you done? " or something to that effect.  The basic answer is, "Yes, I have done my fair share of weddings throughout the years."  The extended answer, "I have done quite a few, but each one is very different, and I have not had the opportunity to work with you!"

  The differences are as simple as the date in time, the colors of the wedding, or how the bride had her hair done, but after that is when things are as diffrent as night and day from each other wedding.  The different personalities of everyone involved (Not just the Bride & Groom, but the Parents, Bridal Party, Guests, and other vendors) that all come together for that single occasion is as unique as a handful of sand on the beach before the tide washes them away.  Not only the personalities of everyone, but each persons tastes and/or visions of a wedding come in play when they want to add input into how they think the event should go, or even what song to play next.  Even the tempature outside effects how things work, the location I am set up in is unique, and sometimes the equipment I use has a mind of its own, but all in all, it's my job to make everything work out.

  Each wedding day is so different that if I get complacent and not on my toes, something can easily go wrong.  I have had so many different senarios thrown my way, I know each night presents an opportunity for a brand new situation I've never delt with and/or enjoyed.  My job on the day of (yes, I do more work than just on the wedding day) is always an adventure, not one that I can control, but that I try to guide (to the idea and specifications of the Bride & Groom) all while fielding the infinite possibilities along the way.

  So when I get the statement, "Oh, you've done a lot of these before, I'm sure you've seen it all."  I can simply reply with "I've seen quite a bit," or, I can give the slightly more detailed answer such as, "Yes, I've done a lot of weddings, but I've never seen your Uncle George (or anyone) drink as much tequila as he did with a straw, jump off a table and swing from the lights Tarzan-style and knock over your Grandma while she was dancing with your neighbor to Usher's new song!"

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