The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

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Let's try something new!

  As a small business owner I'm always looking on ways to expand and figuring out what will work for me (by trial and error most of the time).  You can see, I am now going to add a blog to that never ending list of things.  I know that blogs have been around for a while, and I'm not a rookie when it comes to the writing of a blog, but the new idea for me is to try to fuse the writing with the business at a different angle.  The hope is to have this be equal parts of insight, advice, current happenings, and a lot of fun mixed together while getting to know a little more about me and what I do, but we'll see how the evolution of this blog goes and what other interesting stuff we (yes we, as in you can help too!) can add.  The simple goal of keeping a blog updated about once a week to every other week, but could be the arch nemesis of keeping things interesting if it becomes a task on the same level as paying the electric bill... You know what I mean, who gets excited for that?  (If you do, sorry if I offended you)

I'll try to keep everything easy to read (by easy I mean fun for the mind, and in english... for the most part) and always professional.  I would like to apeal to as many people as possible, but I can't please everyone.  If you are a past, current, or future client, hopefully you won't mind me asking if you object to a post including you and/or your event.  Don't worry, everything I post will be positive and in a good light, so if your event doesn't go as planned, the police arrive, or even if you become a "bridezilla" for a single moment, I won't put that in this soon to be internationally acclaimed blog.

You (if you are reading this, than yes that's YOU!) are welcome and encouraged to comment (good or bad!) on this blog, share with your friends via e-mail, facebook, on the twitter machine, or even in REAL LIFE (what's that about anyway?).  Should you become board at any time, give it a post or two for me to wake up, or just let me know what you think and I'll kick it into gear just for you.  Hope you enjoy and thanks from Just Dreaming Entertainment!  Stay tuned...

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