The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

440-864-6022 ~ Cleveland, Ohio

Music, music & MORE MUSIC!

   Here's another thing we do in this business during "slow" times (as well as "not-so-slow" times)... MUSIC!  Keeping up with music, new and old, is a full-time job in itself. So when it snows (que the Boyz II Men "Let it snow"...) in Cleveland, Ohio, it is the perfect time to go through an entire hard-drive full of songs, organize, then find enough music to fill another hard drive or two... and repeat. 


   Obviously one of the first things you think about when you think of a DJ is the music. Of course, without music there is no DJ. Each DJ has a different style, how they play the music, and how they play to the crowd in attendance, but the music all starts as the same (from the artist) and comes out of our speakers. Regardless of what type of DJ you see (there are MANY different kinds! A club DJ is not the same as a Wedding DJ ...but we'll discuss that later), they all have to keep up with music to stay relevent, fresh and knowledgeable of what we are doing. Of course our love for music is normally one of the main reasons we got into the profession of playing music, so it should be easy to want and NEED to continue finding ALL sorts of new sounds that can be used, no matter if it's the newest hit on the radio or if it's a B-side track from 1968.


   "So how much music do you have?" is a question I hear quite frequently. My answer... A LOT!!! It's incredibly hard to give a specific answer of how many songs since it is an ongoing process of keeping up with music. So however much music fits on three 2-Terabyte hard-drives, that's how much I have. If that's not enough to cover the average wedding, then I can always find whatever you request! (It is part of this job, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!) 


   Music is a big part of what we do, but it's not all that we do! Helping plan, organize, orchestrate and guide a reception (THE PARTY) is also what a real Wedding DJ does! And that's what Just Dreaming Entertainment does. So if you want the right music, why wait to call us??? 440-864-6022 to reserve your date!

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