The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

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The Reviews Are In!

  If you've looked around for a Wedding DJ (or most wedding vendors), then I'm sure you have seen a review or two (or 200). These can be a great tool to help you on your search for the perfect vendor to fit what you are looking for... but DO NOT rely on the number of stars alone! Take some time and read what past clients have written (yes, it's part of that "doing your homework" part). This written part can give you insight into the rating that was given, how attentive they were, how well they worked together, their style, and many, many details that a star rating cannot. Take these, judge these, make your own notes, and use them to help you narrow down your selection. 
  Now, some may question the legitimacy of these reviews (if all 400 5-star reviews are actually real), as you should since that is your job. On the top wedding sites it is somewhat difficult to "fake" a review as they tend to weed out the illegitimate reviews. I'm not saying they don't happen, but the top wedding sites have plenty of reason to keep things legit. I might suggest discussing specific weddings/clients that you have seen reviews from, the actual review itself, quotes from them, and/or how they go about getting these reviews. It's just another part of "doing your homework" that seems like a hassle... but beleive me, you'll thank yourself later for it! Personally, I'd rather a couple asks me questions about the reviews I've gotten and the events that I've done. Not only does it show they are being cautious about who they hire and they want the best fit, but that they want to know someone cares just as much as they do about their wedding. 
  To the small business (such as Just Dreaming Entertainment), reviews can mean A LOT! To us, not only do we feel the love from our clients, but it's like getting paid twice! Seeing a couple's real thoughts that they took the time to write and don't mind sharing with future prospective clients, means so much to us and hearing that you had a great time on a once in a lifetime event is really one of the main reasons we do this. 
  So remember, when you are looking to hire a Cleveland Wedding DJ (or any Wedding Professional), do check out their reviews and use them as a tool to help you in your decision. It is one you'll find to be very important, but also remember to have fun in your search! (that is what the reception is for, right?!?)
To see all of the reviews for Just Dreaming Entertainment you can find them on our website ( or on our WeddingWire profile ( Call today (440-864-6022) to reserve your date!

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