The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

The Life and Times of a Wedding DJ

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The Wedding Off-season...

  When a wedding DJ who works most every weekend through the busy season, an "Off-season" can be a blessing, but also can be incredibly stressful.


  This is the time between busy seasons, normally the months between November and March, that can sometimes be a nice change of pace to relax... right??? Actually it can be very hectic with bridal shows, meetings and bookings for the next season/year, but sometimes can drag... Any event or wedding during this time can be seen as GOLDEN since the cash flow can be slow, but also can help break up the weeks of not doing events. These events are normally either "Boom or Bust"... and can really depend on the weather. I hate that about this part of where we live, but I'd rather everyone stay safe and enjoy our next event instead of risking it! When an event isn't as great because of the weather, it's really a horribly helpless feeling. This is one thing to keep in mind when planning a non-holiday themed event (like a wedding) here in Northeast Ohio. 

  There are days that are incredibly long waiting for phone calls or emails from prospective clients and not filled with much sunlight, so it can really play mind games with you. Then when bookings happen, it's like you feel like having a party right then! Yes, in this business one event can mean so much when it's booked, that's why we take them all seriously and love each one of our clients! Those days spent waiting or without much else going on can be filled with endless ideas on how to advertise, numerous google searches on successful marketing campaigns and then... STRESS! Trying to comprehend everything, trying to continue to market for success, trying to grow and then when the phone or email is silent... It really can add up when you feel like nothing is working. Then the next day when you book two events, everything is GREAT! 

  Then there is the bridal shows... As fun as it is to meet many newly engaged prospective clients, it can be hard when you front hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars without a garuntee in signing a single one. I'll write more about these later, but right now I'll just say those are a different entity on their own.

This is just a breif glimpse to the wonders of the "Off-season"! 


If you'd like to help wake me up from my "off-season" we still have a few dates available for 2015! Call us (440-864-6022) to book your Cleveland Wedding DJ!


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